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The essay came to us from the French language and in translation means “trial”, “attempt”, “sketch”. The essence of the essay is to show the audience their personal experience and offer an unexpected look at the problem. The essay writer seems to be alone with the reader and communicates with him. Theme of work can be any.

Write an explanatory essay is not so simple as it might seem at first glance. If you do not have enough experience, then the first time everything does not work out. But if you try again, you will certainly achieve good results. All the talented writers have committed many trials and errors, without this in this case can not do.

First of all, you must choose the right theme. It is necessary to focus on the list of topics proposed by the teacher. From the list, one should choose the one that causes increased interest or for which there is deep knowledge.

Sometimes it is difficult to come up with an interesting start. Consideration of the first lines can take a lot of time and discourage all desire to write a creative work. Do not immediately “squeeze out” of the entry. It is better to go over to rough drafts of thoughts on the subject in your head.

Despite the fact that the essay is considered a free genre and there are no strict limitations and limits, there is a historically established classical structure:

Introduction – here the author acquaints the reader with the problem, creates a certain mood and a desire to reflect on this topic.

The main part, which gives one or more points of view. You need to prove your opinion reasonably, give different judgments. It is possible to indicate the opinions of other people, generally recognized truths, and so on.

Conclusion – in the final part, it is necessary to push the reader to reflections, so that the author’s thoughts remain in the memory for a long time.

Another important point. The ability to briefly and clearly express thoughts shows not only a good knowledge of the English language, but also about general erudition. Excess text will only spoil the impression of your work.

What should not be done? Neglect the norms of the language. The text must be written correctly. Try not to use slang, stamps and abbreviations.

Do not back up the allegations with examples. The essay loses, if in the text only dry facts.

Pull the wool over someone’s eyes. Be honest, but positive in your essay.

Do not check the facts. Do not be too lazy to review everything again.

Overdo it with the volume. Avoid complex syntactic constructions.

Remember these tips and soon you will write unique essays!

The style APA belongs to the American Psychological Association from ENGLAND. It is used for creating works related to the social sciences. Sociologists and scientists studying behavior problems developed APA style for using it in term papers, research reports, technical and economic analyzes, literary reviews, methodological articles. It is not a simple style. It requires experience and accuracy in its using.

APA style format: features and rules

There is a number of rules of the APA style. Everyone, who use this style for term paper writing should stick to them. And what about you? Can you follow the rules mentioned below?

  1. The term paper is created by computer print. The interval between the lines is double, starting from the title page and ending with a list of used literature.
  2. You can use any font, but Times New Roman Times 12 is preferred.
  3. Each paragraph begins with an indentation of 1.27 cm from the left margin.
  4. The width of all fields is 2.54 cm.
  5. Each page should have a header. The page numbers are specified without indenting the right margin. The name of the college paper is printed in the header without any left indentation in all caps.
  6. The footer contains a shortened version of the title of the document, which cannot exceed 50 characters, including spaces and punctuation marks.
  7. The term paper usually consists of 4 main sections: title page, annotation, the work itself, a list of sources used. The main text is divided into the following subsections: introduction, methodology, results, discussion. There is no need to head subsections. It is a conditional division…

Moreover, it is without wrapping up in details.

Now you see, there is a great many features and strict rules to follow. How to respect all of them? How to create a decent college paper, which will be excellent not only from the point of its content, but also according to the rules of APA style? Just turn for help of experienced authors from online services!

More tips for term paper writing in APA format?

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Coursework is a small scientific report on the research work done or an independently studied topic. Its implementation requires the student not only knowledge of general and specialized literature on the topic, but also the ability to conduct research, to relate theory questions to practice, to make generalizations, conclusions, and to find areas of application of the results obtained.

The writing of the coursework is carried out under the guidance of a scientific supervisor. The student together with the head clarifies the range of issues that are subject to study and experimental verification, draw up a research plan, determine the structure of the work, the terms of implementation, determine the necessary literature and other materials.

The structure of the coursework should facilitate the disclosure of the selected topic and its individual issues. The content of the work should be illustrated by diagrams, tables, diagrams, graphs, drawings, etc. Coursework should be not only meaningful and independent, but also correctly framed. Coursework is performed on standard A4 size writing paper on one side of the sheet, which are stapled in a folder or intertwined.

The total amount of work should be within 20-40 pages of handwritten or 15-25 pages of printed text. In the text there should be no abbreviated words, except for the generally accepted ones.

Writing a coursework, many paper writer don’t know where to start the assignment – there are a lot of requests on the Internet on the topic: “How to start writing?”. First paper writer  need to write the main section – to analyze the theory and practice. It is based on this section that the rest of the project is being written. Then you need to write the introductory part – it should show the uniqueness and relevance of your work, put spruce and tasks, identify the object and the subject of research. Considering the stages of writing a coursework, we can say that it is the introduction that specifies the vector when the job is done. Then proceed to the final section. This part of the work is devoted to the answers to the questions asked in the conduct. Also, here it is appropriate to focus on the difficulties that have arisen, but successfully solved by the students.

Recently, educational institutions are increasingly practicing the use of protection presentations. Therefore, it is not superfluous to know how to correctly and competently make it.

If you want to visually present your graduation thesis, use the opportunities of presentations. To create it, choose tools such as Microsoft PowerPoint. This package has almost all the necessary tools and functions for working with text and images. The existing help wizards and templates are also aimed at making the user’s work easier. Today it is the most popular and affordable option. Thanks to the multimedia slide show, you can make the necessary impression on the representatives of the commission.

There are a number of requirements that must be taken into account when preparing such presentations.

The optimal number of 12-14 slides. If you select a larger number, then your oral report will become a tedious paging. Most likely, teachers simply get tired of looking at the screen. The color range of the background should be neutral. Overload the presentation with vivid pictures, animation and color text is not worth it. Let it be black text on a white background. Do not forget that this is a study work, not a cartoon.

The position of words should be exceptionally horizontal. All present should see the text easily and clearly.

The presentation should have formulas, charts, graphs and diagrams. This is the most obvious argument of the student’s speech.

The result of the completed studies in the form of a list should be the final slide. The ending should be the most convincing. The latest slide is always the same as the first one.

If the presentation is done competently and professionally, your final score may become higher, even if the teachers have some questions about the work itself and its topic. Naturally, it is equally important to present it correctly you should clearly speak and contact the listeners. Take care of your appearance, prepare all necessary equipment in advance. And you can be sure that your report will be met with all possible attention and interest.

The key role of the presentation is to convey the necessary information to the audience. In this regard, carefully work out the ready project of the presentation and go through the slides again. It is advisable to rehearse all this and set the time for which the transition to the next slide will occur.

A good presentation is laconic, clear, relevant and restrained speech. A good presentation with a reasonable use of vivid effects is remembered better and an impressive commission.

In writing the coursework there is nothing supernatural, and to do it yourself isn’t needful to have a genius abilities.

Writing a course work has its own logic. It is conditionally divided into stages, in each of which there is a corresponding sequence of their execution. Requirements for the content of coursework is in the manual. Before you do the coursework, you need to carefully review them and take them into account. The requirements describe the character of the work, scope, timing and standards of design. If you are the first to write a course project and do not have an idea of how it should look, then you can ask the department to show you the work already done. This needs to be done to better understand what is expected of you, what style of writing is used and how it should look. It can be noted, the principle of writing a coursework is similar to writing an essay. It starts with choosing and approving the topic, then you need to make a plan. Next is the collection of information, research, layout and writing of the theoretical part of the coursework, the practical part, drawing conclusions based on the material of the coursework and the results of the research, design of the list of literature, writing the entry and preparation for defense.

In some cases, the sequence of implementation of these steps may vary. The plan can be made after the collection of material, or use the practical part that is yet available.

How choose topic of coursework.

Before writing a term paper students are asked to choose a topic from the available at the department. It’s possible that you can offer yours if it relates to your specialization.

You can choose a topic based on it’s interest, the guidance of the scientific adviser, the availability of material on it, the availability and accessibility of techniques, the possibility of conducting research and obtaining research materials.

Coursework, like any scientific product, starts with an idea, sorting out options for what you can write on a given topic, what to consider within the topic, how you can study or explore. In other words, this can be called the development of the concept.

Reading is a good opportunity to spend free time by doing something useful. When you read a book you become smarter and you vocabulary knowledge grows. Nowadays almost everyone likes to read a book. However, some paper writers have a problem with writing a review about a book. They cannot concentrate, cannot understand what the main idea of the book is. A book review is a kind of feedback.

The first thing you need to do is to think about the primary thought of the book. What did you recollect the most? You must make certain about all the data you read in your book. At that point, you need to compose it in an abbreviated form. Do not go for details, you have to be laconic. The only information you need is the main idea. But you may not write about a conclusion of the book. It may spoil everything for your reader. The main events should be hidden.

You have to write your opinion about your book as well. Write about a different feeling you felt you were perusing that book. You may tell about various examples from your own, which are related to that book. Or you may compare it with another book.  

The main idea of a review is that you have to make people become interested in a book. Even if you did not like it, they have to want to make sure, if it is so.

Do not be afraid to write your thoughts. Readers feel when writers are honest and sincere.

Book review article has a free structure, so you can write whatever you want.

At the very end, you may write if you recommend this book to your reader or not. Try to be objective and honest.

Sometimes happens that students do not have enough time to read a book and to write a review about it. They try to steal a review from different websites or they buy it from other students. Also, some websites may offer you some help with your book review for a good sum of money.

Good luck with your studies.