Coursework is a small scientific report on the research work done or an independently studied topic. Its implementation requires the student not only knowledge of general and specialized literature on the topic, but also the ability to conduct research, to relate theory questions to practice, to make generalizations, conclusions, and to find areas of application of the results obtained.

The writing of the coursework is carried out under the guidance of a scientific supervisor. The student together with the head clarifies the range of issues that are subject to study and experimental verification, draw up a research plan, determine the structure of the work, the terms of implementation, determine the necessary literature and other materials.

The structure of the coursework should facilitate the disclosure of the selected topic and its individual issues. The content of the work should be illustrated by diagrams, tables, diagrams, graphs, drawings, etc. Coursework should be not only meaningful and independent, but also correctly framed. Coursework is performed on standard A4 size writing paper on one side of the sheet, which are stapled in a folder or intertwined.

The total amount of work should be within 20-40 pages of handwritten or 15-25 pages of printed text. In the text there should be no abbreviated words, except for the generally accepted ones.

Writing a coursework, many paper writer don’t know where to start the assignment – there are a lot of requests on the Internet on the topic: “How to start writing?”. First paper writer  need to write the main section – to analyze the theory and practice. It is based on this section that the rest of the project is being written. Then you need to write the introductory part – it should show the uniqueness and relevance of your work, put spruce and tasks, identify the object and the subject of research. Considering the stages of writing a coursework, we can say that it is the introduction that specifies the vector when the job is done. Then proceed to the final section. This part of the work is devoted to the answers to the questions asked in the conduct. Also, here it is appropriate to focus on the difficulties that have arisen, but successfully solved by the students.