The style APA belongs to the American Psychological Association from ENGLAND. It is used for creating works related to the social sciences. Sociologists and scientists studying behavior problems developed APA style for using it in term papers, research reports, technical and economic analyzes, literary reviews, methodological articles. It is not a simple style. It requires experience and accuracy in its using.

APA style format: features and rules

There is a number of rules of the APA style. Everyone, who use this style for term paper writing should stick to them. And what about you? Can you follow the rules mentioned below?

  1. The term paper is created by computer print. The interval between the lines is double, starting from the title page and ending with a list of used literature.
  2. You can use any font, but Times New Roman Times 12 is preferred.
  3. Each paragraph begins with an indentation of 1.27 cm from the left margin.
  4. The width of all fields is 2.54 cm.
  5. Each page should have a header. The page numbers are specified without indenting the right margin. The name of the college paper is printed in the header without any left indentation in all caps.
  6. The footer contains a shortened version of the title of the document, which cannot exceed 50 characters, including spaces and punctuation marks.
  7. The term paper usually consists of 4 main sections: title page, annotation, the work itself, a list of sources used. The main text is divided into the following subsections: introduction, methodology, results, discussion. There is no need to head subsections. It is a conditional division…

Moreover, it is without wrapping up in details.

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